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Sunburst Dragon Fruit Warehouse
Living a Dream

Our interest in cultivating Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) came together when we met a dreamer.  She dreamed of acres and acres of dragon fruit growing in the San Joaquin Valley.  We were so intrigued by this beautiful and delicious fruit that we just had to give it a try.

Sunburst Nurseries Dragon Fruit under grow lights
Citrus farmers by trade located in the San Joaquin Valley for over 60 years, we first planted dragon fruit on our 10 acre compound in the Sierra Nevada foothill town of Three Rivers just 2 miles from beautiful Sequoia National Park.  Located in the Central San Joaquin  Valley, we distribute throughout California and parts of Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.
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[Case Study]
See How Sunburst Nurseries Used MegaDrive®
To Speed Up The Propagation Of Dragonfruit Plants

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